"libc++abi" C++ Standard Library Support

libc++abi is a new implementation of low level support for a standard C++ library.

All of the code in libc++abi is dual licensed under the MIT license and the UIUC License (a BSD-like license).

Features and Goals

Platform Support

libc++abi is known to work on the following platforms, using clang.

Current Status

libc++abi is complete. Here is a list of functionality.

Get it and get involved!

For building libc++abi, please see the libc++ documentation on building the runtimes.

For getting involved with libc++abi, please see the libc++ documentation on getting involved.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why are the destructors for the standard exception classes defined in libc++abi? They're just empty, can't they be defined inline?

A: The destructors for them live in libc++abi because they are "key" functions. The Itanium ABI describes a "key" function as the first virtual declared. And wherever the key function is defined, that is where the type_info gets defined. And in libc++ types are the same type if and only if they have the same type_info (as in there must be only one type info per type in the entire application). And on OS X, libstdc++ and libc++ share these exception types. So to be able to throw in one dylib and catch in another (a std::exception for example), there must be only one std::exception type_info in the entire app. That typeinfo gets laid down beside ~exception() in libc++abi (for both libstdc++ and libc++).

--Howard Hinnant